A compilation of some of the events in which the EHI has participated which relate to its mission of advancing hydration science and sharing hydration knowledge.

Upcoming events

Science Advisory Board meetings

The Scientific Advisory Board meets 2-3 times each year.
More information on future SAB meetings will be provided soon.


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Past events



The European Hydration Institute participated in the 20th International Congress of Nutrition organised by the IUNS. This major food, drink and nutrition scientific event was held in Granada (Spain) from the 16th – 20th September 2013. During that week the Congress hosted 58 exhibition stands, 202 exhibitors and more than 4000 visitors from 120 countries worldwide.

The EHI sponsored a symposium on  ”Hydration and Health” which was held on Monday 16th September. The session was chaired by the EHI Director, Jane Holdsworth and co-chaired by Prof. Gregorio Varela-Moreiras. Delegates attending the 2 hour symposium, heard presentations from four experts: Professor Lluis Serra-Majem (Spain), Dr Lee Hooper (UK), Professor Ron Maughan (UK) and Dr Jason Kai Wei Lee (Singapore) on topics spanning hydration and older people, methods to record fluid intake and health consequences of inadequate intakes and hydration and physical activity.

The EHI welcomed the opportunity to focus on hydration at this major event and to share information about this important health topic with delegates.

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ECSS Congress

The European Hydration Institute participated, together with other 67 exhibitors, in the ECSS congress 2013. It was a great chance to approach to all professionals related to Hydration from the Sports Science perspective.

It was an outstanding scientific event that took place in an amazing venue up at the Montjuic hill (INEFC) and lively city of Barcelona. During the four days of the event (from the 26th to the 29th of June) the Congress received 3112 participants from more than 75 countries.

4th Hydration Network Meeting

The 4th Hydration Network Meeting, organized by the European Hydration Institute took place last 26th June in the city of Barcelona, coinciding with the ECSS Congress.  The event was held in the historic building of the Reial Acadèmia de Medicina i Cirurgia de Catalunya (located in the city centre) and the Scientific Sessions -more than 10 lectures from international Speakers- took place during the morning.

Once again, the EHI has accomplished its objective: to encourage networking and discussion among those within Europe with interests in human hydration, health and performance.

As a prove of the Scientific profile of the event, the 4th Hydration Network Meeting was granted 3 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

In terms of participation, It was a great success. More than 80 professionals related to hydration attended the meeting and helped to create a warm, professional and international atmosphere. Participants came from more than 14 countries in Europe (Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Sweden) and we also had representations from other continents such as Argentina, United States of America and Hong Kong.

Access the 4th Hydration Network Meeting Presentations

         EHI 4th Hydration Network Meeting Snapshot Video

Pianeta Nutrizione & Integrazione

On 17th May 2013 the EHI hosted a Roundtable entitled “Hydration in different stages of life” at the PIANETA NUTRIZIONE (Planet Nutrition) congress in Italy which took place in Parma from 16th-18th May 2013. In its fifth year, this congress is a major event in the Italian food and nutrition calendar, attracting a  wide community of HCPs, including  Nutritionists, Dieticians, General Practitioners and Pharmacists.

For more details visit: http://pianetanutrizione.akesios.net/ http://pianetanutrizione.akesios.net/.

Pianeta Nutrizione is a key scientific event and its Scientific Committee includes the main Italian scientific societies some of which are: the SIP (Italian Society for Paediatrics); the FIMP (Italian Federation of Paediatricians); the SIPPS (Italian Society of preventive and social paediatrics); the SIO (Italian Society for Obesity); the SINSeB (Italian Society of Sports Nutrition and Wellness); the Academy of Functional Fitness, Wellness and Anti Aging; the AIDAP (Italian association of eating and weight disorders); the FIOG (Italian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology); or the SIF (Italian Society of Pharmacology).

This year’s event attracted  more than 2,500 delegates across the three days of the congress.

The hydration roundtable was included in the main conference programme and was attended by more than 200 delegates.
Moderated by Professor Michele Carruba, Conference Chairman, speakers included members of the EHI and other hydration experts:

  • Raising the profile of hydration as a vital aspect of health and wellbeing: Dr Jane Holdsworth, Director, European Hydration Institute.
  • The effects of dehydration: Professor Ron Maughan, University of Loughborough.
  • Hydration and the elderly: Professor Andrea Poli, Nutrition Foundation of Italy.
  • Hydration from a paediatric perspective: Professor Claudio Maffeis, University of Verona.
  • Hydration and sport and exercise: Professor Pierpaolo De Feo, University of Perugia.

First 2013 Meeting of the Science Advisory Board

The EHI held its first Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting of 2013 on the 6th and 7th March in Warsaw (Poland). During the meeting, plans, activities and initiatives for 2013 were presented. Progress on key research projects was reviewed and the requirements for 2013/2014 EHI Hydration Research Grants were agreed.


EHI at the 2012 Excellence in Paediatrics Conference in Madrid

Last November the EHI participated in the 2012 Excellence in Paediatrics conference, a meeting of Paediatric Health Care Professionals from around the globe aimed at exploring, discussing and sharing the latest developments in Paediatrics and ways to improve clinical practice. The meeting took place in Madrid from 28th November to 1st December 2012.

Excellence in Paediatrics congresses are a dynamic, innovative, and highly engaging conferences that inform delegates of the latest scientific developments and most importantly help them to improve the care they deliver. The EHI provided its expertise in hydration, a crucial aspect of children’s healthcare, by providing information to delegates visiting the EHI booth.

The EHI also supported the inaugural Excellence in Paediatrics “Parent Talks”, a series of talks by experts aimed at providing factual information to parents about key health topics of concern. Prof. Claudio Maffeis, a member of the EHI Science Advisory Board gave a talk on “How to make sure your children stay hydrated“, which was followed by questions from parents.  These talks were streamed live on the EiP website during the conference  and were recorded for all parents to view and refer to free by visiting the EiP website (http://www.excellence-in-paediatrics.org).

Third 2012 Meeting of the Science Advisory Board

The EHI held its third Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting of 2012 on the 28th and 29th November in Madrid (Spain). During the meeting, plans, activities and initiatives for 2013 were presented and key areas of priority for funding were agreed. Progress on key research projects was reviewed and the process for selecting the 2012/13 EHI Hydration Research Grants recipients was agreed.. A new member of the Science Advisory Board, Dr. Hans Braun who is Lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne and the German Research Centre of Elite Sport attended the meeting for the first time.

3rd Hydration Network Meeting

The 3rdHydration Network Meeting was held on September 13th in the beautiful and historic city of Verona (Italy). The primary aim of these annual meetings is to encourage networking and discussion among individuals in Europe who are interested in human hydration, health and performance. These events offer the opportunity to meet EHI’s Science Advisory Board members, listen to lectures from a number of experts, and to participate in a Poster Session that serves as a contact point to meet other individuals involved in hydration-related research in Europe. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Claudio Maffeis, paediatrician and gastroenterologist from the University of Verona, and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EHI.

This year approximately 50 invited researchers and healthcare professionals from across Europe, with different backgrounds and professional interests, attended the meeting, resulting in a very productive exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.

The meeting was opened by Prof. Ronald Maughan, from the University of Loughborough (UK), and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EHI, who stressed the importance of such discussion forums to foster debate and to exchange key learning in hydration science and education. Three keynote presentations  followed:

  • Water requirement and intake of children and adolescents
    Prof. Giovanni Montini – University of Bologna, Italy
    Short Bio
    Slides of the speech
  • Dehydration – part of a strategy to increase performance in Olympic Sports?
    Dr. Hans Braun – German Sport University, Cologne
    Short Bio
    Slides of the speech

The second half of the meeting was chaired by Professor Maria Kapsokefalou, member of the EHI Science Advisory Board and concentrated on the activities of the EHI Dr. Jane Holdsworth, director of the EHI, gave a presentation on the EHI: aims, objectives and research approach and two major EHI funded research projects were presented by their respective scientific leaders and discussed with the audience:

  • The effect of hydration and nutritional status on the outcomes of older patients admitted to hospital as medical emergencies
    Prof Dileep Lobo – Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK
    Short Bio
    Slides of the speech
  • Pan EU hydration research project – pilot approach and future plans
    Prof Ron Maughan – Loughborough University and Chair of EHI Science Advisory Board

3rdhydration img EHI Events


Second 2012 Meeting of the Science Advisory Board

The EHI held its second Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting of 2012 on the 12th and 13th of September in Verona (Italy). As well as discussing activities, plans and progress in 2012, applications for the hydration research tender were reviewed and successful candidates were selected. Research priorities for 2013/14 were discussed and on-going projects were reviewed. New members of the science advisory board were proposed, and an announcement about new appointments will be made in the Autumn.

The EHI at the 34th Congress of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)

34 2 EHI EventsThe EHI participated in the recent congress organized by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN), held in Barcelona (Spain) from the 8th to the 11th of September 2012.34 1 EHI Events

The EHI booth provided information to delegates about the importance of adequate hydration for health, wellness and performance. Educational information leaflets were available and delegates had the chance the view the website.

A poster entitled “An evaluation of water balance in pregnant women in Greece” was presented by Olga Masilova, from the Agricultural University of Athens, one of the EHI Grants awarded.

The EHI at the International Convention on Science, Education and Medicine in Sports  (ICSEMIS). Symposium Hydration and exercise performance

On 22nd July 2012 the EHI hosted a symposium entitled “Hydration and Exercise performance” at the 2nd International Congress on Science, Education and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS). This congress is a pre-Olympic sport science convention, which is hosted by the organising country. The event took place in Glasgow, UK, from the 19th until the 24th of July.

The symposium involved lectures from two internationally recognised experts in the field of hydration and sports. Prof. Ronald Maughan, from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University (UK) and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EHI, gave a presentation entitled “Fluid intake, thermoregulation and the perception of effort”, in which he reviewed the importance of a proper hydration when practising sports and highlighted the impact on endurance and performance. Prof. Lawrence Armstrong, from the University of Connecticut, Storrs CT (USA), spoke about the “Effects of fluid loss and replacement on physical and mental performance”, highlighting the importance of maintaining an adequate hydration balance when practising sports and presenting evidence of the importance of hydration for mental and physical performance. The session was chaired by Dr. Jane Holdsworth, Director of the European Hydration Institute (EHI).

EHI’s participation at the Congress

the ehi at icsemis 300x224 EHI EventsThe EHI educational booth where information about the EHI and publications about hydration were available to delegates.


The EHI organized a masterclass entitled “Water: how much is needed” led by Prof. Ronald Maughan in association with Prof. Armstrong and Dr. Bob Murray of Sports Science Insights, USA. This session was an interactive, which allowed attendees to participate and debate with the experts. Prof. Maughan highlighted the differences in water intake recommendations between Europe and The United States, and suggested that this could cause confusion. Evaluation of hydration status is not easy as body water compartments are continually fluctuating and so evaluation of a single fluid compartment volume is insufficient to provide valid information about total body water. Simple methods are required when clinical analysis is not possible and body weight differences and assessment of urine colour were highlighted as useful methods. Prof. Maughan suggested that rather than focussing on adequate intake recommendations, it might be better to focus on output recommendations as a way of helping people to assess whether or not they are adequately hydrated. It was agreed that this is an area that would merit further exploration.

A practical guide for a healthy active life

A new booklet entitled “ A Guide to Nutrition and Hydration for Active Healthy Lifestyles”, has been created as a joint initiative of the EHI, the British Dietetic Association (Sport Dietitians UK) and the English Institute of Sport and was distributed by the EHI at ICSEMIS. Its aim is to provide people with key information and advice above how to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle. It includes hints and tips about good hydration and nutrition and encourages an active lifestyle in order to stay healthy.

Click here to access the Guide >>

First 2012 Meeting of the Science Advisory Board

The EHI held its first Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting of 2012 on 5th April in Toulouse (France). The meeting was attended for the first time by Prof. Ryszard Gellert from the Warsaw Medical University of Poland, who joined the Board in March bringing a Nephrology speciality. The meeting reviewed EHI progress in 2012, which has been a very active year, and agreed new steps in scientific and sociological research programmes. Collaboration with organisations wishing to work in partnership with the EHI and the calendar of 2013 major events were also among other priority topics discussed.   Plans for the next Network Hydration Meeting, an annual event organized by the EHI, were finalized and this event will take place in Verona –Italy on 13th September 2012.


2nd Hydration Network Meeting

Date: 25th October, from 16:00 to 20:00 h.
Place: Ilustre Colegio de Médicos. Madrid (Spain)

After the success of its first Hydration Network Meeting held in London in June this year, the EHI has celebrated its second Hydration Network meeting with the aim of encouraging networking and discussion among those within Europe with interests in human hydration and its effects on health and performance.

This latest event took place on 25th October 2011 at the unique environment of the Ramón y Cajal Lecture Theatre within the Ilustre Colegio de Médicos de Madrid (Spain), where this famous Spanish scientist who was awarded the Noble Prize for Medicine in 1906, used to give his classes.

Attendees from 10 EU countries (UK, Spain, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Portugal and Serbia) including SAB members, EHI partner representatives and selected specialists and scientists with an interest in hydration joined the meeting. The agenda included three lectures by invited experts, presentation of results from selected 2010/11 EHI Grants Awards studies, an overview of the EHI by Jane Holdsworth, Director of the EHI, who also presented the new 2012 Grants programme.

  • Introduction and scientific overview. Prof. RJ Maughan- UK
  • Hydration – a medical perspective. Prof. Ryszard Gellert – Poland
  • Hydration for health and performance in exercise: known and new perspectives. Prof. Marcella González-Gross – Spain
  • Hydration and the elderly. Prof. Patrick Ritz – France
  • EHI overview and announcement of 2011/12 EHI graduate student awards programme. Dr Jane Holdsworth – EHI Director Presentation of results from selected 2010/11 EHI Grant Awards Studies:
  • The influence of hydration status on oral-respiratory mucosal immune responses and rate of upper respiratory tract symptoms (URTS), during and the month following a multi-stage ultra-marathon competition conducted in a hot ambient environment. Dr. Ricardo Costa – University of Coventry, UK
  • Hydration status following stroke, and the relationship between hydration and functional status. Dr Lee Hooper – University of East Anglia, UK
  • Effect of dehydration on intracortical and corticospinal excitability and voluntary activation during resistance exercise. Dr Jo Bowtell – Southbank University, UK
  • Closing remarks


II International Hydration and Health Congress

On 28th and 29th November 2011 the II International Hydration and Health Congress, an event organized with the aim of presenting and discussing the latest developments in health and hydration, took place in Madrid, Spain. The event was supported by the EHI in collaboration with other relevant nutrition societies, and involved the participation of Prof. Ronald Maughan, head of the EHI’s Science Advisory Board and two other Board members: Prof. Lluís Serra, and Dr Susan Shirreffs. One of the research projects being funded by an EHI Research grant to Olga Masilova (Unit of Human Nutrition, Department of Food Science and Technology, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece) was presented during the event.

The abstract book has been published by the Spanish Journal of Community Nutrition: Rev Esp Nutr Comunitaria 2012;18 (Supl 1).

Click here to access the abstract book >>

3rd 2011 meeting of the science advisory board

The EHI held its third Science Advisory Board (SAB) of 2011 on 24-25th October in Madrid (Spain). The meeting was attended by all six original Science Advisory Board members and Professor Claudio Maffeis from the University of Verona, Italy, who joined the Board in October bringing a paediatric speciality. The meeting reviewed EHI progress in 2011 which has been a very active year, and agreed priorities for scientific and sociological research programmes, partnership and participation in major events.

Les Entretiens de Bichat 2011

Place: Palais des Congrès Porte Maillot, Paris
Date: 28th September – 1st October 2011

“Les Entretiens de Bichat” is a well-recognised annual French medical congress, which comprises four days of continuing education for medical practitioners via seminars and presentations led by high-level experts. It is attended by approximately 900 delegates each day and offers an incomparable opportunity to keep up to date on new advances in medicine, including diagnosis and treatment.

The EHI participated in this unique event by organising a session on hydration at which Professor Patrick Ritz (Professor of Nutrition at University of Toulouse and member of the EHI Science Advisory Board) and Veronique Rousseau, dietician and sports nutritionist from the National Institute of Sports, Exercise and performance (INSEP) addressed the audience. The title of the seminar was “Une revue des connaissances sur la relation entre hydratation et maintien des capacités cognitives chez l’enfant et le sujet âgé; et sur l’hydratation comme facteur de performance chez le sportif” (A review of knowledge about the relationship between hydration and cognitive performance in children and the elderly and on hydration as a performance factor in sports and exercise). More than 150 people attended the seminar and there was a lively discussion and answer session. The EHI provided further information to delegates about the importance of hydration from its booth in the exhibition area. Feedback from the event was excellent and there was a keen interest from delegates to learn more about hydration and its impact on health, wellness and performance.

5th Europaediatrics

Date: 23rd – 26th June 2011

The EHI has participated at the 5th Europaediatrics congress that took place in Vienna from 23 to 26 June 2011. This biannual congress, organized by the European Paediatric Association (EPA/UNEPSA), is the meeting point of paediatricians from Europe and from all over the world. This year, more than 2.200 paediatricians attended the congress.

The EHI was present at the congress with a booth where it received a very positive feedback.

1st Hydration Networking meeting

Place: Royal Society of Medicine, London
Date: 9th June 2011, 10:00- 18:00
  • Introduction and scientific overview from the Chair of the European Hydration Institute Science Advisory Board. Professor RJ Maughan, University of Loughborough
  • “How do we define hydration status and how do we measure it?”, Dr Susan Shirreffs, University of Loughborough
  • “The influence of chronic dehydration on cognitive decline”, Professor Patrick Ritz, University Hospital of Angers
  • “Evaluation of water balance in a sample of the Greek population”, Professor Maria Kapsokefalou, Agricultural University of Athens
  • Lunch
  • Short presentations from 2011 EHI Graduate student Grant recipients chaired by Dr Susan Shirreffs
  • “Obesity, metabolic co-morbidities and hydration”, Professor Claudio Maffeis, University of Verona
  • Refreshment break
  • “The lives of junior doctors- PARCHED!”, Dr Chris Kirwan, St George’s Healthcare Trust and St George’s University of London
  • “Patterns of beverage consumption in regard to hydration and energy intake in Britain: insights from NDNS raw data”, Sigrid Gibson, Sig-Nurture Ltd
  • The European Hydration Institute: Aims and objectives. Dr Jane Holdsworth
  • Closing remarks. Professor RJ Maughan, University of Loughborough
  • Refreshments and networking

On 9th June 2011 the EHI held its first “Hydration networking meeting” at the Royal Society of Medicine in London which brought together scientists and other individuals interested in human hydration, health and performance from across Europe so that hydration knowledge and new research could be shared and debate fostered.

The event included participants from a wide range of Universities, Institutes and organisations from across Europe as well as the experts from the EHI’s SAB. During the session, research funded by the EHI was presented and recipients of 2011 EHI student grants awards outlined their research approach.

X Congress of Nutrition and Food and II Iberoamerican Congress of Nutrition. Lisbon

Date: May 12-13th, 2011.

In May 2011 the EHI has participated in the X Congress of Nutrition and Food and II Iberoamerican Congress of Nutrition held Lisbon where it received excellent feedback from both students and healthcare professionals who attended the event. The EHI had a booth and organized the symposium “Um passo em frente no conhecimento da hidrataçäo: Hidrataçäo para o exercício e calor” (A step forward in hydration knowledge: hydration during exercise and hot weather). Speakers were Dr Susan Shirreffs, member of the Science Advisory Board of the EHI, and Dr Jane Holdsworth, director of the EHI.

First 2011 meeting of the science advisory board

The first 2011 Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting was hosted by the Nutrition Foundation of Italy (NFI), one of the founding partners of the EHI. The meeting on January 17th in Milan was honoured with the presence of Professor Rodolfo Paoletti, President of the NFI. The meeting focussed on the EHI research programme and progress on current projects was reviewed and future priorites were agreed. Applications for the 2010 EHI Grants awards were assessed by the SAB and seven grants were awarded, subject to various clarifications. The guest speaker was Professor Rosario Cuomo (University of Naples), who delivered an excellent address on “The effect of carbonated beverages on satiation and satiety”.


November 2010: The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Hydration Conference

Place: Institute of Child Health. London
Date: Thursday, November 11th 2010

Draft agenda

  • Introduction (BNF)
  • “Hydration in infants and children”, Vanessa Shaw, Head of Dietetics, Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • “Maintaining hydration in older adults”, Professor Patrick Ritz, University Hospital of Angers
  • Q&A followed by COFFEE BREAK
  • “Hydration and physical activity”, Dr Susan Shirreffs, University of Loughborough
  • “Hydration and consumers; messages and mis-messages”, Catherine Collins, Principal Dietitian, St George’s Hospital
  • Q&A followed by LUNCH
  • Invited Original Communications from PhD students and researchers Introduced and chaired by Dr Jane Holdsworth and Professor Ron Maughan
  • Q&A followed by TEA BREAK
  • “Conclusions – summing up what we know from research and what more needs to be done”, Professor Ron Maughan, University of Loughborough
  • Close

Research on the relationship between hydration and health was presented by leading experts and researchers at a British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) conference in London on November the 11th. Bridget Benelam from the BNF, who introduced the conference, explained why the amount of water we need to be healthy can be so difficult to define as it changes depending of factors such as temperature, humidity and physical activity. Some populations have special water needs: children and elderly. Vanessa Shaw, head of dietetics at Great Ormond Street Hospital highlighted the physiological differences in infants and young children and their relatively higher water requirements with respect to adults, which can make them more vulnerable to dehydration. Professor Patrick Ritz from Université Paul Sabatier, France, a member of the Science Advisory Board of the EHI, then outlined the prevalence of dehydration in older people, and the adverse effects this can have on health and wellbeing in this population.

During physical activity, more water is lost as sweat and so hydration requirements increase. Dr Susan Shirreffs from the University of Loughborough, UK, and also a member of the Science Advisory Board of the EHI described how hydration could affect exercise performance under different conditions.

Consumer perception of healthy hydration messages was the subject of the presentation by Catherine Collins, Chief Dietician at St George’s Hospital. She explained that, although 9 out of 10 consumers think Con formato: Inglés (Estados Unidos) that drinking water is important for health, they often don’t have all the facts. She emphasised that health professionals must challenge myths and misconceptions about hydration.

The afternoon session of the conference comprised a series of short original papers presented by researchers in the field of hydration and health. This was chaired by Professor Ron Maughan of the University of Loughborough and chair of the Science Advisory Board and Dr. Jane Holdsworth, director of the EHI. The session provided an insight into some of the latest research in this field and topics covered included research into hydration status in the workplace, beverage consumption in children and the hydration status of ultra-marathon runners.

The conference ended with a presentation from Professor Maughan, outlining the current status of research on hydration, concluding that more data is required to give an accurate picture of fluid consumption and hydration status of the population as a whole and to understand the full scope of the impact of hydration status on health and performance.

September 2010: Lunch Forum Hydration: is essential for life

Place: II World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and I Latinamerican Congress of Community Nutrition. Porto, Portugal.
Date: Friday 24th September 2010
Hour: 13:30-15:00 h
Chairs: Prof. Lluís Serra-Majem (SP) and Prof. Maria Kapsokefalou (GR)


  • “Hydration and Health Promotion. A brief Introduction.”, Dr. Maxime Buyckx (USA)
  • “Drinking Habits and hydration recommendations in Portugal”, Dr. Patrícia Padrão (P)
  • “Presentation of the European Hydration Institute”, Dr. Jane Holdsworth (GB)
  • “Exercise, heat, hydration and the Brain”, Prof. Ron Maughan (GB)

With the collaboration of “Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness”, “Instituto de Hidratação e Saúde”, “European Hydration Institute” and “International Life Sciences Institute”.

On 24th September 2010, within the framework of the II World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and the I Latin-American Congress of Community Nutrition held in Porto, Portugal, the European Hydration Institute (EHI) participated in its first international symposium on Hydration.

The symposium, titled “Hydration is essential for life” was a Lunch Forum organized with the collaboration of the Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness, Instituto de Hidratação e Saúde, European Hydration Institute (EHI) and International Life Sciences Institute. The chairs were Professors Lluís Serra-Majem (Spain) and Maria Kapsokefalou (Greece).

The symposium included insightful presentations from experts in the field of hydration. Dr. Maxime Buyckx (USA) spoke on the topic of hydration and health promotion. He was followed by Dr. Patríca Padrão (Portugal), who reported on the drinking habits of the Portuguese and the hydration recommendations in Portugal – the country which hosted the Congress. Jane Holdsworth, Director of the European Hydration Institute (EHI) gave a brief introduction to the Institute, highlighting its commitment to increase knowledge and advance science about the importance of hydration to health, wellness and performance and to encourage appropriate hydration in all sectors of the population. The final presentation was an excellent address from Professor Ron Maughan (Great Britain), chair of the EHI science advisory board, who illustrated the many effects of hydration status on health and wellness in his lecture entitled “Exercise, heat, hydration and the brain”.Presentations were followed by a lively discussion.





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