Beverage and water intake of healthy adults in some European countries.

  • TITLE: Beverage and water intake of healthy adults in some European countries.
  • AUTHOR: Nissensohn M, Castro-Quezada I, Serra-Majem L.
  • REFERENCE: Int J Food Sci Nutr. 2013 Jun 3. [Epub ahead of print]
  • YEAR: 2013

Abstract Introduction: Nutritional surveys frequently collect some data of consumption of beverages; however, information from different sources and different methodologies raises issues of comparability. The main objective of this review was to examine the available techniques used for assessing beverage intake in European epidemiological studies and to describe the most frequent method applied to assess it. Materials and methods: Information of beverage intake available from European surveys and nutritional epidemiological investigations was obtained from gray literature. Results: Twelve articles were included and relevant data were extracted. The studies were carried out on healthy adults by different types of assessments. The most frequent tool used was a 7-d dietary record. Only Germany used a specific beverage assessment tool (Beverage Dietary History). Conclusion: From the limited data available and the diversity of the methodology used, the results show that consumption of beverages is different between countries. Current epidemiological studies in Europe focusing on beverage intake are scarce. Further research is needed to clarify the amount of beverage intake in European population.