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Key Tips on Hydration for sport performance

Severe dehydration impairs performance and increases the risk of heat illness, but drinking too much can also be harmful or uncomfortable. Every athlete is different because they have different sweat lossesand different opportunities to drink fluid during their workouts and events. Every athlete needs a personal hydration plan and they have to play a role in developing this. The following are three […]

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Key tips on hydration: Recognising signs and symptoms of mild dehydration

Fluids are continuously lost from the body. Water is lost via respiration and through the skin, renal system, and gastrointestinal tract1 and this water needs to be replaced. The daily water requirement depends on a number of factors including the person’s diet, environment, age and activity level1. For adolescents over 14 years old and adults the European Food […]

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Key Tips on Hydration in Winter

In cold climates, body fluid losses can be as high as those in hot climates because of high rates of energy expenditure, use of heavy clothing and increased losses in urine1,2. Under normal conditions, urine and sweat are the main methods of water loss, but we also lose water via the skin, the lungs, and the […]

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Key Tips on Hydration for elderly people

Are you aware of their increased risk of dehydration? The EFSA adult recommendations for the daily intake of water from all sources* (water, beverages and food) do not fall with age under  conditions of moderate environmental temperature and moderate physical activity levels. But age-related changes can lead to an increased risk of dehydration with consequent effects on health and […]

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