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Hydration for sports performance
Severe dehydration impairs performance and increases the risk of heat illness, but drinking too much can also be harmful or uncomfortable. Every
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Physical activity
Hydration is an important consideration when engaging in physical activity. During prolonged sessions, water is lost from the body mainly as sweat, and
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Signs and symptoms of mild dehydration
Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it takes in. Mild dehydration may have an effect on performance and may lead
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How variety can help hydration
Beverages in addition to plain water are of importance in ensuring proper hydration, but they can also provide us with other
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Hydration for pregnant and breastfeeding women
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, an adequate hydration is essential for meeting the new water needs of the body and of the baby
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Hydration for elderly people
Elderly people are at a greater risk of dehydration. In this new leaflet we provide an insight into the reasons why liquid
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