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A quick way of answering some of the most frequently asked questionsrelated to hydration in general and to hydration and physical activity, the effect of hydration on concentration and the special needs of sensitive populations

General Questions on Human Hydration

How much does an adult need to drink each day?

Why are fluids so important to overall health?

How do beverages fit into an overall healthy lifestyle?

What are the consequences of under-hydration?

How can we know if we are under-hydrated?

What should we do if I think we are dehydrated?

Is thirst a good indicator of dehydration?

Can I get dehydrated when it’s cold outside?

Does air conditioning affect hydration levels?

Are soft drinks hydrating?

Are low amounts of sweat on the skin a good indicator of dehydration?

Is it true that fizzy drinks dehydrate?

Is it true that caffeinated beverages dehydrate?

Is it true that alcohol dehydrates?

What are over-hydration and hyponatraemia?

Hydration and Physical Activity

What causes dehydration during exercise?

How should lost fluids be replaced?

Is it possible to drink too much?

What are electrolytes and what do they do for us?

What are energy drinks?

How much should we drink after exercise to replace sweat loss if we don’t drink during exercise?

Why do sports drinks contain sodium?

Is water the best choice for rehydration after sport?

Hydration and Children

How much fluid do children need each day?

How can children be encouraged to drink more?

Should children drink during class at school?

Hydration and the Elderly

Do hydration requirements change as people get older?

What special precautions should elderly people or their carers take to ensure they remain adequately hydrated?

During periods of hot weather are there any special precautions that should be taken to ensure adequate hydration?

Hydration and Concentration

Can dehydration affect concentration?

When could this have a particular impact?

What precautions can people take to ensure they remain adequately hydrated when driving, at school or at work?