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As environmental temperature rises, the risk of dehydration increases especially in those people particularly susceptible to heat reactions such as children, elderly people,
Discover what you need to know regarding Hydration Needs During the Summer by watching this short yet informative video created by the
Featured here are 6 in-depth expert interviews from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting which took place in Barcelona in 2013.In-Depth Hydration Expert Interview –
The second instalment of our ‘Hydration in 1 Minute’ series: “The importance of Variety for Hydration”. Watch this informative video to discover
Body water is tightly regulated to ensure we have just enough, and varies by no more than 1% daily in
First of a set of three Hydration in 1 Minute Videos called “Hydration for Sports Performance & Physical Activity”. Watch this informative video on
For most people, thirst is an adequate stimulus to drink and results in sufficient fluid intake. However, many healthy people are chronically
Living, working and exercising in challenging climatic or environmental conditions influences our requirements for water due to changes in water
Achieving an adequate intake of water depends on much more than what you choose to drink, as many foods contribute
Chronic mild dehydration can be present in many individuals failing to fulfil daily water requirements, but it has been shown to be
In cold weather conditions, body fluid losses can be as high as those in hot climates because additional water losses
Adequate hydration is important for optimal functioning of the brain. Dehydration can adversely influence cognitive function, and this is important when considering tasks such
Hydration in the work place is a specific concern because consequences of dehydration, even mild, can affect productivity, safety, cost, and morale.
Evaluation of hydration status is not easy, as during daily activities or exercise, fluid compartments are constantly fluctuating, so measuring a single
In a temperate climate about 2-3 L of water is lost from our bodies each day, mainly as sweat. These
Severe dehydration impairs performance and increases the risk of heat illness, but drinking too much can also be harmful or uncomfortable. Every
Hydration is an important consideration when engaging in physical activity. During prolonged sessions, water is lost from the body mainly as sweat, and
Dehydration occurs when the body loses more water than it takes in. Mild dehydration may have an effect on performance and may lead
Beverages in addition to plain water are of importance in ensuring proper hydration, but they can also provide us with other
During pregnancy and breastfeeding, an adequate hydration is essential for meeting the new water needs of the body and of the baby
Elderly people are at a greater risk of dehydration. In this new leaflet we provide an insight into the reasons why liquid
Water needs vary between individuals and according to diet, environmental conditions, activity levels and a range of other factors. This
The hydration needs of infants and children are not that different to those of adults. However, they tend to be more susceptible
Prof. Claudio Maffeis tells us in the short video just how much fluid children need each day.
Watch Prof. Ron Maughan, chair of the EHI Science Advisory Board, to learn if it is true that caffeinated beverages
This booklet has been produced as a joint initiative of the EHI, the British Dietetic Association (Sport Dietitians UK) and
Discover what you need to know regarding Special Hydration needs of the elderly in summer by watching this short yet informative video