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Hydration events

2nd Hydration Network Meeting

The EHI is pleased to present the presentations given at the 2nd Hydration Network Meeting held in Madrid last October 2011.

Hear more about hydration from our experts!

Introduction- Prof. Dr. Ron Maughan

The European Hydration Institute. 2011/12 Grants Awards - Dr. Jane Holdsworth

Hydration – a medical perspective. Prof. Ryszard Gellert - Poland

Hydration for health and performance in exercise: known and new perspectives. Prof. Marcella González-Gross – Spain

Hydration and the elderly. Prof. Patrick Ritz - France

1st EHI Hydration Networking Meeting

On 9th June 2011 the EHI held its first “Hydration networking meeting” at the Royal Society of Medicine in London which brought together scientists and other individuals interested in human hydration, health and performance from across Europe.

During the session, research funded by the EHI was presented and recipients of 2011 EHI student grants awards outlined their research approach.

Introduction from the Chair of the EHI Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Ron Maughan

Presentation of the event by Jane Holdsworth, Director of the EHI

Short presentations by Science Advisory Board members

Dr Susan Shirreffs, Loughborough University

Prof. Patrick Ritz, UTNC Hospital de Rangueil, Toulouse

Prof. Maria Kapsokefalou, Agricultural University of Athens

Stephen Mears, Loughborough University

Olga Malisova, Agricultural University of Athens

Mohannad Kafri, University of East Anglia

Hydration & Health Conference

Institute of Child Health. London, UK. Thursday 11 November 2010

Water is essential for life and maintaining optimum levels of hydration for health is important for all age groups. However there are lots of mixed messages about how much, and what to drink, which can be confusing for consumers.

Is it true that tea and coffee do not count towards my fluid intake?
What is the best way to stay hydrated during exercise?
How much fluid do children and older people need?

The answers to these questions and more were discussed at the British Nutrition Foundation conference on hydration and health in central London on 11 November 2010.

This one-day conference included presentations from expert speakers, as well as an opportunity to hear invited original communications from PhD students and academic researchers presenting the latest research on hydration and health.

Click here to view to the power point presentations.

Hydration is essential for life Symposium

On 24th September 2010, within the framework of the II World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and the I Latin-American Congress of Community Nutrition held in Porto, Portugal, the European Hydration Institute (EHI) participated its first international symposium on Hydration: “Hydration is essential for life”, a Lunch Forum organized together with the Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness, Instituto de Hidratação e Saúde, and International Life Sciences Institute.

Drinking habits and drivers of consumer choice

Introducing the European Hydration Institute

Exercise, Heat, Hydration and the Brain