Hydration habits in Spanish elite athletes.

  • TITLE: Hydration habits in Spanish elite athletes.
  • AUTHOR: Moret Tatay A, Peña Miranda N, Tazón Sinobas S, Moreno Jurado N, Villamil Cabello E, Palacios Gil de Antuñano N.
  • REFERENCE: Nutr Hosp. 2015 Dec 1;32(s02):10320.
  • YEAR: 2015

The concept of dehydration is defined as a risk to the health of athletes and their performance. Many athletes reach very high levels of dehydration due to water loss through sweat and low fluid intake.

This study aims to assess the state of hydration of athletes who come to the consultation by completing a questionnaire about their habits regarding fluid intake. The questionnaire consists of 28 questions on hydration. In addition, information on sports history and personal
data of each athlete were required.

A sample of 58 athletes participated in the study, 37.9% were men and 62.1% women, with a mean age of 29.1 years (SD = 5.5). They participated voluntarily and data collection was conducted from April to July 2015.

The results showed that more experienced athletes presented higher intake of litres of liquid than the less experienced athletes, and this difference approached the statistical significance. This suggests an effect of experience on the hydration of the athletes. More research
in this field is necessary