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Article by Professor Simon Thornton Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France. Written: December 2012 Download (PDF, 314KB)  
Most people give little thought to hydration: they drink when thirsty or  according to habit (mealtimes, morning coffee, afternoon tea, etc)
TITLE: Associations between active video gaming and other energy-balance related behaviours in adolescents: a 24-hour recall diary study AUTHOR: Simons M, Chinapaw
TITLE: "If It Tastes Good, I'm Drinking It": Qualitative Study of Beverage Consumption Among College Students. AUTHOR: Block JP, Gillman MW, Linakis
TITLE: Haemodynamic responses to dehydration in the resting and exercising human leg. AUTHOR: Pearson J, Kalsi KK, Stöhr EJ, Low DA, Barker
TITLE: Changes in hydration status of elite Olympic class sailors in different climates and the effects of different fluid replacement beverages.