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TITLE: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study of Outcomes of Strict Allowance of Fluid Therapy in Hyponatremic Heart Failure (SALT-HF). AUTHOR: Albert NM,
TITLE: International guidelines for the in vivo assessment of skin properties in non-clinical settings: Part 2. transepidermal water loss and skin
TITLE: THIRST AUTHOR: Adolph EF, Wills JH. REFERENCE: Adolph EF, ed. Physiology of Man in the Desert. New York: Intersciences Publishers. 1947; Pp.
TITLE: A rapid beverage intake questionnaire can detect changes in beverage intake. AUTHOR: Hedrick VE, Comber DL, Ferguson KE, Estabrooks PA, Savla
TITLE: Milk protein and the restoration of fluid balance after exercise. AUTHOR: James L. REFERENCE: Med Sport Sci. 2013;59:120-6. YEAR: 2013 Sweat is produced
TITLE: Salt and fluid loading: effects on blood volume and exercise performance. AUTHOR: Mora-Rodriguez R, Hamouti N. REFERENCE: Med Sport Sci. 2013;59:113-9. YEAR: 2013