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Professor Ron Maughan, Emeritus Professor of Sport and Exercise Nutrition, Loughborough University (UK), Chairman of the Science Advisory Board of
Article by Maria Kapsokefalou, EHI Science Advisory Board member and Associate Professor in Human Nutrition, Department of Food Science and
Purpose: To determine if individuals with type 1 diabetes exhibit impairments in local and whole-body heat loss responses that could
TITLE: Early and personalized ambulatory follow-up to tailor furosemide and fluid intake according to congestion in post-discharge heart failure. AUTHOR: Parrinello G,
TITLE: Dysphagia, nutrition, and hydration in ischemic stroke patients at admission and discharge from acute care. AUTHOR: Crary MA, Humphrey JL, Carnaby-Mann
TITLE: Do Heat Events Pose a Greater Health Risk for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes? AUTHOR: Yardley JE, Stapleton JM, Sigal RJ,