Selected articles

TITLE: Intake of water and different beverages in adults across 13 countries AUTHOR: Guelinckx I, Ferreira-Pêgo C, Moreno LA, Kavouras SA, Gandy
TITLE: Food and beverage cues in children’s television programmes: the influence of programme genre AUTHOR: Scully P, Reid O, Macken A, Healy
TITLE: Hydration and chemical ingredients in sport drinks: food safety in the European context AUTHOR: Urdampilleta A, Gómez-Zorita S, Soriano JM, Martínez-Sanz
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TITLE: Age differences in the brain mechanisms of good taste AUTHOR: Rolls ET, Kellerhals MB, Nichols TE. REFERENCE: Neuroimage. 2015 Apr 2;113:298-309. doi:
A new study published in the medical journal Physiology and Behaviour has revealed that even mild dehydration is equivalent to being over the drink