Dehydrated Drivers Make The Same Number of Mistakes As Drink Drivers
A new study published in the medical journal Physiology and Behaviour has revealed that even mild dehydration is equivalent to being over the drink
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Myths around staying hydrated washed away
Scientists at the universities of Stirling, Loughborough and Bangor have discovered that a variety of drinks can keep people as
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Between 3rd and 4th December 2013, the EHI collaborated with the I International and III National Hydration Congress which took place at
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EHI at the 2013 European College of Sports Science Annual Congress
The EHI will be participating in the annual scientific congress of the European College of Sport Science in Barcelona (26th-29th
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Effects of Climate and Environment on water needs
Article by Hans Braun EHI Science Advisory Board member. German Sport University Cologne and German Research Centre of Elite Sport.
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Hydration & Diet
Article by Maria Kapsokefalou, EHI Science Advisory Board member and Associate Professor in Human Nutrition, Department of Food Science and
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