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Online hydration course for healthcare professionals

The European Hydration Institute (EHI) has launched its first online hydration course for healthcare professionals.

The course is designed to help healthcare professionals advance their understanding of the importance of hydration and features four interactive modules. These modules have been developed by the EHI in partnership with expert bodies and are authored by experts in the field including Professor Monty Mythen (University College London), Professor Hugh Montgomery (University College London), Dr. Alistair Connell (University College London), Professor Ron Maughan and Dr Lisa Wilson (Registered Nutritionist).

– The Water and Hydration module is aimed at junior doctors of all grades and specialities, and explores the physiology of water in the body. The module explores how inadequate hydration can impact on health – both in clinical environment and everyday life.

– The Perioperative module explores best practice for the hydration needs of patients in the perioperative setting. This includes preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative fluid requirements.

– The Care Homes module is centred towards care home managers and senior staff, and looks at the causes and consequences of dehydration in older people. The course is aimed at senior staff who are responsible for training others and implementing changes to improve hydration.

– The Physical Activity module is ideal for physically active people and personal trainers, and addresses the importance of hydration for those who engage in physical activity on a regular basis.

Please click here to access the course.