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Hydration for hot weather

As environmental temperature rises, the risk of dehydration increases especially in those people particularly susceptible to heat reactions such as children, elderly people, people with reduced mobility, etc. In this new leaflet we provide information about symptoms of dehydration and practical tips to ensure proper hydration of the body under hot weather conditions.

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Hydration needs during the summer

Discover what you need to know regarding Hydration Needs During the Summer by watching this short yet informative video created by the European Hydration Institute. As environmental temperatures rise during the summer, the risk of dehydration increases, which can led to heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. See how can you reduce this risk in this EHI educational video which […]

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In-Depth Expert Interviews from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting

Featured here are 6 in-depth expert interviews from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting which took place in Barcelona in 2013. In-Depth Hydration Expert Interview – Prof. Alan St. Clair Gibson  In-Depth Hydration Expert Interview — Dr. Hans Braun  In-Depth Hydration Expert Interview — Dr. Jane Holdsworth  In-Depth Hydration Expert Interview — Prof. Larry Kenney  In-Depth Hydration Expert Interview — Prof. Nicolás Terrados  In-Depth Hydration Expert […]

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The Importance of Variety for Hydration

The second instalment of our ‘Hydration in 1 Minute’ series: “The importance of Variety for Hydration”. Watch this informative video to discover how a variety of sources will keep you well hydrated.

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Body water is tightly regulated to ensure we have just enough, and varies by no more than 1% daily in normal, healthy people (around 250-500ml). When body water decreases (e.g. due to sweating) or blood sodium levels rise, thirst is stimulated and the kidneys conserve fluid. Most people respond by drinking slightly more but, in a small […]

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