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Hydration for Sports Performance & Physical activity

First of a set of three Hydration in 1 Minute Videos called “Hydration for Sports Performance & Physical Activity”. Watch this informative video on how to stay well hydrated during physical exercise and sports training

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Should thirst be your guide?

For most people, thirst is an adequate stimulus to drink and results in sufficient fluid intake. However, many healthy people are chronically dehydrated, so thirst is evidently not a sufficient stimulus for these individuals.

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Climate and Environment

Living, working and exercising in challenging climatic or environmental conditions influences our requirements for water due to changes in water losses from respiration and sweating.

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Hydration & Diet

Achieving an adequate intake of water depends on much more than what you choose to drink, as many foods contribute to water intakes too. Taking a total diet approach helps to ensure that you meet your water needs by including a variety of sources.

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Hydration and chronic diseases

Chronic mild dehydration can be present in many individuals failing to fulfil daily water requirements, but it has been shown to be a common condition in some population groups, including the elderly and those who participate in physical activity in warm environments. In this new issue the effects of chronic mild dehydration are reviewed, and practical tips to maintain […]

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Hydration in winter

In cold weather conditions, body fluid losses can be as high as those in hot climates because additional water losses occur as a result of increased urine and respiratory water losses.  In this new issue the additional water losses during cold weather are reviewed, and practical tips for staying hydrated in winter are provided.

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