Legal notice

Legal notice

The use of this website requires knowledge and acceptance of each and every one of the terms and conditions contained in this Legal Notice and in the Privacy Policy.

This website allows you to access a contents and services offered by Fundación European Hydration Institute (FEHI), a Foundation domiciled in Pza. de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, nº 1, Torre Picasso, Planta 28, 28020 Madrid, Spain, with Tax Identification Code no. G86123395 and pending of registration with the Foundation Registry.

You can contact FEHI through the following contact channels:

E-mail:[email protected]

I. Disclaimer

FEHI maintains this website to enhance public access to information about its scientific activities and initiatives in line with the transparency principle to which it is subject. Our goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them.

FEHI accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this site. This information is:

  • of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity;
  • not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
  • sometimes linked to external sites over which the FEHI services have no control and for which the FEHI assumes no responsibility. In this sense, FEHI declines responsibility for any information, services offered and/or provided by third parties through FEHI’s website or for any contents provided by third parties;
  • not professional or legal advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional).

It is our goal to minimize disruption caused by technical errors. However some data or information on our site may have been created or structured in files or formats that are not error-free and we cannot guarantee that our service will not be interrupted or otherwise affected by such problems. We will not be responsible for problems incurred as a result of using this site or any linked external sites or for any direct or indirect damages or losses as may come up to you or third parties, including, on a merely indicative and non-restrictive basis, damages to the software or hardware, etc.

FEHI reserves the right, without the need for prior notice and at any time, to temporarily hang up access to its website and to make changes to the site, and in the services or information offered, in the site’s presentation or location and in this Legal Notice.

We reserve the right to change the content of this Legal Notice, without the need for prior notice and at any time, for adapting them to the legal provisions applicable at any given time or to the inclusion of new services. If such change occurs, FEHI undertakes to publish the amended or updated Legal Notice on its website.

In any case, the Legal Notice which is published at the time when access to the website and/or when the services offered on it are used will be the Legal Notice applicable.

We do not guarantee the appropriateness, reliability, availability, timeliness or accuracy of the information or of the services contained on its website and declines responsibility for any direct or indirect damages associated with the use of the contents of its site.

The FEHI does not accept advertisements on the website.

You can only access contents through the procedures established on the website, without involving a breach of Intellectual/Industrial Property rights or any kind of damage to FEHI’s website and/or its information or the services offered.

You undertake, without any reservation, to use the services and information contained on the website in accordance with the legislation in force at all times, with all of the terms and conditions established in this Legal Notice and in the Privacy Policy, with moral norms, principles of good behaviour and public order. Likewise, you undertake not to take the following activities:

  • To distribute contents or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic or pornographic nature, condoning terrorism or contrary to human rights.
  • To carry out acts contrary to the Intellectual and/or Industrial Property rights of the legitimate owners thereof.
  • To use the website, as well as the contents and services offered through it, in such a way as to hinder its normal operation or to damage the property or infringe the rights of FEHI, of its providers or, in general, of any third party.
  • To cause damage to the computer systems of FEHI, of its providers or of third parties and/or to introduce or spread computer viruses, malware or other kinds of systems which could damage computer systems.
  • To transmit advertising or send unsolicited or unauthorized emails.
  • To use false identities or supplant the identity of others in the use of FEHI’s website, including the use, as the case may be, of passwords or data access keys belonging to third parties.

You undertake to use the website, as well as its services and its contents, properly, consequently, you accept that they use the website at their own risk and under your own responsibility.

We will not be liable to you or to third parties for any damages as could derive, either directly or indirectly, from the inappropriate use of the website or of the contents and/or services accessible through it by you, you will be the sole parties responsible for any damages as could happen on account of inappropriate use.


Although access and browsing on the website do not require you to register previously, in the event that you wishes to make use of the services, you should register and, once the relevant Registration form has been completed with your personal data and the Privacy Policy has been accepted, you will be able to access with your user name and password.

You are responsible for safeguarding and protecting your password diligently for the purpose of preventing them from becoming known by others and, consequently, from being used without your consent. Thus, you will be responsible for taking the measures in order to ensure the confidentiality of your password. If you feel that your password could be known by a third person without your consent, you undertake to change such password as quickly as possible or to notify this fact to FEHI, to enable FEHI to make the change.

FEHI will not be liable to you or to third parties for the possible direct or indirect damages as you can suffer on account of the fraudulent use of your password by unauthorized third persons. Users who feel that their passwords may have come to the knowledge of a third person without their permission undertake to change such passwords as quickly as possible or to notify this fact to EHI, to enable the latter to make the change.

III. Linking policy

The FEHI encourages organisations and individuals to create links to its website under the following conditions:

  • Links must not be used in a defamatory context.
  • Links to FEHI should not be displayed in a manner which suggests endorsement of any commercial product or service or of any scientific or administrative output or of the information or text in the context of which it is published.
  • Links to FEHI should not be displayed alongside advertising.
  • Links must not contain contents which are illicit, contrary to moral norms, principles of good behaviour and public order, or those contents which could damage or violate FEHI’ rights or of third parties.

The use of other sites belonging to third parties through hyperlinks or links appearing on the FEHI website will be made under the exclusive responsibility of those who choose to do so, and FEHI declines any and all responsibility with respect to you or to third parties for possible direct or indirect damages arising as a result of the services and/or products offered by third parties unrelated to FEHI through the sites linked.

With regard to hyperlinks to other websites belonging to third parties as could appear on the FEHI website, FEHI informs you that such sites do not hold contents which are illicit, contrary to moral norms, principles of good behaviour and public order, or any contents which could damage or violate the rights of third parties. In the event that FEHI were conscious of the existence of illicit contents to which the hyperlinks inserted in its site may refer, it will proceed as quickly as possible to get rid of such hyperlink in order to stop access by you to it.


FEHI informs you (only if you are a registered User) and consent that access to the website could entail use of cookies, therefore, ID session of registered Users accessing the website could be collected. The only purpose of using cookies will be for a maintenance navigation session and statistics purposes.

Registered Users are able to configure their browsers to reject cookies or to inform of their presence, however FEHI shall not be responsible for any errors which may derive from this cookie rejection.

V. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The contents included on the website, such -on a non-restrictive basis- those relating to the design and structure of the website, texts, sound, logos, animations, images, videos, source codes, brands, trade names, distinguishing signs, etc. are owned either by FEHI or by third parties who have given FEHI consent to include them on the site, whereby they are subject to the relevant intellectual and industrial property rights. The rights protecting the contents affect exclusively to FEHI or, as the case may be, to third parties who have given FEHI consent to include them on the website.

The contents of the FEHI website, as well as FEHI publications and material in general, may be freely used and/or disseminated on the following conditions:

  • Neither FEHI’s name nor its material may be used for profitable or commercial purposes.
  • The contents of material used/disseminated may not be modified.
  • The FEHI must be attributed, as follows:
    • Text attribution: The European Hydration Institute (FEHI)
    • Image attribution:
  • If a FEHI publication has been produced in collaboration with another organisation, the name of that organisation should be added to the attribution.

The FEHI logo is the exclusive property of the FEHI. Its use is prohibited without the prior written consent of FEHI.

The unauthorised reproduction, distribution, exploitation, transformation, making-available and/or public dissemination, whether for a consideration or free of charge, of such contents constitutes an breach of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of FEHI or of the third party owner thereof.

VI. Personal data protection

The FEHI attaches the highest importance to protecting your privacy. Although most of the information is available on or via the website without you having to provide personal data, it is possible that you could be requested to provide your personal data. In such a case, the data shall be processed in accordance with the legal requirements of privacy protection according to Spanish regulations.

You are informed and expressly and unequivocally consent the collection of your personal data which you provided by this website, into a personal data file whose controller is FEHI for the purposes of website’s navigation management, for statistics purposes and to comply legal obligations. Personal data will not be communicated to third parties nor used for marketing purposes.

FEHI ensures User the exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the terms established in current legislation. In particular, you can exercise the mentioned rights by means of any of FEHI’s channels of communication, through a written notification sent by ordinary post to the Data Controller’s address at Pza. de Pablo Ruiz Picasso, nº 1, Torre Picasso, Planta 28, 28020 Madrid, Spain, indicating the reference FEHI Data Protection on the envelope.

Once you register in the website, necessarily must to accept the conditions established in the Privacy Policy.

It is forbidden to include in the website’s free text fields any personal data whatsoever of third persons, as well as personal data relating to ideology, trade union membership, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health and sexual orientation. In the event that you fail to comply with this obligation, you will be liable to FEHI and to the third persons concerned with respect to any damages as could happen due to noncompliance with the foregoing.

FEHI will keep secrecy of your Personal data and FEHI shall adopt the physical, technical and organisational measures necessary to ensure the security of the personal data and prevent their alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, having regard to the state of the art, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed by virtue of human action or the physical or natural environment.

FEHI informs you that FEHI does not make any verification of the truthful of the personal data you provide through the website, therefore you guarantee the truthful of the personal data provided by them.

FEHI provides links to third party sites. Since we do not control them, we encourage you to review their privacy policies.


Any controversy arising as a consequence of the use of the website or of the use of the services offered on it shall be governed by the laws of Spain, and the parties shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Madrid (Spain), waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled.