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Supplement from Castle Combe conference now available

The reviews from the Castle Combe meeting in April 2014 have now been published as a special supplement in the September issue of Nutrition Reviews. Click here to access the Supplement. Read more

Doctor Discussing With Patient In Clinic

New EHI-sponsored study reveals impact of dehydration on on-call doctors and nurses

A new study released by the University of Nottingham Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has revealed that a significant proportion of on-call doctors and nurses were dehydrated at both the start and end of their medical shifts. Read more

Educational materials

A series of educational materials created to provide health care professionals with relevant information about hydration, including hydration needs and hydration hints which can be shared with patients. Hydration cards which are shorter versions summarising the adequate intakes and tips for each topic.

Read more

Scientific content

Periodically, Professor Ron Maughan and other EHI Science Advisory Board members, summarises a recently published paper relating to hydration and its effect on health, wellness and performance.

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Scientific Study: Dehydration & Driving

by on July 13, 2015

One of the research studies presented at the EHI Hydration Network Meeting explores the impact of mild dehydration on driving.Read more

Effects of Climate and Environment on water needs

by Hans Braun on May 22, 2013

Article by Hans Braun EHI Science Advisory Board member. German Sport University Cologne and German Research Centre of Elite Sport.Read more

Hydration & Diet

by Maria Kapsokefalou on April 30, 2013

Article by Maria Kapsokefalou, EHI Science Advisory Board member and Associate Professor in Human Nutrition, Department of Food Science and Technology...Read more

Hydration and You

All the essential information you need to know about hydration and how it can affect your health, wellness and performance.

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Hydration in infants and children

Learn about the hydration needs of infants and childrenRead more



Learn more about hydration when travelling and at your holiday destinationRead more

Weight loss

Weight loss

When attempting to lose weight, it is essential to bear in mind how this will affect our hydration needs.Read more

Sports logo


Learn how hydration needs change when practising sport.Read more



Our total daily water intake is the sum of all water content coming from all types of drinks and foods.Read more

botó football

Football Supporters

This guide from the European Hydration Institute offers some tips to help you keep hydrated while supporting your favourite football teams.Read more



Discover how hydration needs change as we age.Read more



Keeping our bodies adequately hydrated is extremely important but is often neglected in the day-to-day busy lives most of us lead.Read more

What is the EHI

What is the EHI

The Human Hydration Hub

The European Hydration Institute is a foundation established with the objectives of advancing and sharing knowledge and understanding of all matters relating to human hydration and the effects of hydration on health, wellness and performance.

Human Hydration

Human Hydration

Information for everyone

Find out all the information about human hydration you may need: from the importance and benefits of a healthy hydration and the consequences of dehydration, to the hydration needs according to age, special populations and special conditions.

Scientific Knowledge

Scientific Knowledge

Tools for researchers

Our compilation of hydration science, includes a scientific library with more than 750 references and abstracts of scientific papers, a selection of multimedia contents relating to hydration and information about Congresses and events where hydration is on the agenda.

Educational materials

Educational materials

For healthcare professionals

A series of educational materials created to provide health care professionals with relevant information about hydration, including hydration needs and hydration hints which can be shared with patients.