Hydration level and mood status in adolescents. The Up & Down Study.

  • TITLE: Hydration level and mood status in adolescents. The Up & Down Study.
  • AUTHOR: Rodríguez Laprast J, Gómez Martínez S, Hernández González A, Marcos Sánchez A.
  • REFERENCE: Nutr Hosp. 2015 Dec 1;32(s02):10338.
  • YEAR: 2015

Optimum hydration is essential for a proper functioning of the organism. Adolescence is a period in which there is adoption of eating habits and also psychological changes, where mood status is a very important health factor.

To assess possible interactions between hydration and mood status in a group of adolescents from Madrid.

This is a cross sectional substudy from the Up & Down Study. Multifrequency bioimpedance was used to assess the hydration status (Extracellular Water Volume, ECW). The PANASN questionnaire was used to create a factor which was stablished in four levels: very low, low, high and very high, in order to assess mood status. Sample: 101 healthy adolescents (both sexes) between 13 and 16 years old.

42.90% of the adolescents who were below the optimal ECW range reported a low mood status. 51.70 % of adolescents within the optimal ECW range reported a high mood status. 29.60% of subjects above the optimal ECW range showed very low mood, meanwhile 18.50 % of them showed a very high mood status. Conclusions: In view of these results, adolescents should be advised about the most beneficial range of the hydration status they have to show in order to achieve the best mood rate. Further research studies are needed in order to find out possible associations.