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Educational materials

Informative Videos
Key Tips
A Guide to Nutrition and Hydration for Active Healthy Lifestyles
Climate and Environment
Consequences of under hydration
Do hydration requirements change as people get older?
EHI 4th Hydration Network Meeting Snapshot
Expert interviews from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting
How can travelling by aeroplane affect our hydration levels?
How can we know if we are under hydrated
How much does an adult need to drink each day
How much fluid do children need each day
How variety can help hydration
Hydration & Diet
Hydration and chronic diseases
Hydration Awareness Video
Hydration card about dehydration
Hydration card about variety
Hydration card for adolescents and adults
Hydration card for elderly
Hydration card for hot weather
Hydration card for infants and children
Hydration card for Pregnant & breastfeeding women
Hydration for adolescents and adults
Hydration for elderly people
Hydration for hot weather
Hydration for infants and children
Hydration for pregnant and breastfeeding women
Hydration for sports performance
Hydration for Sports Performance & Physical activity
Hydration for summer holidays
Hydration in the workplace
Hydration in winter
Hydration needs during the summer
Hydration while studying
In-Depth Expert Interviews from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting
Is it true that caffeinated beverages dehydrate
Is thirst a good indicator of dehydration
Is water the best choice for rehydration after sport?
Measuring hydration status
Physical activity
Should thirst be your guide?
Signs and symptoms of mild dehydration
Special hydration needs of the elderly in summer
The Importance of Variety for Hydration